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We can provide floor plans, elevations, and details for your contractor.  These drawings are not stamped by an Architect, however we work directly with your contractor in a design-build process.  This leads to a smoother construction phase as well as a savings on construction documents/design fees.

3D Rendering

We can provide 3D renderings for interior and exterior design elements.  These renderings help with a visual understanding of how the project may look.  This process adds a new depth to the basic elevation.


We can provide design help for your new home or renovation.  We work in conjunction with your contractor in order to provide the best construction result for your design.  All contractors have strengths they excel in.  We want to make sure your design works in to those contractor strengths so the end result works for you.




Most of our drafting and designs are simple and effective.  We work with your contractor to incorporate the building techniques they know best, which saves everyone time and money. Our construction documents read well and are reviewed by your builder to ensure seamless transition into the construction phase, again saving time and money.

Floor Plan
Building Section
Wall Sections
Exterior Element

3D Rendering

We have the ability to produce exterior and interior renderings.  Realistic or Cartoon renderings can show how different elements can change the same space. Renderings help you visualize your project in the 3D world.  While the renderings are never exactly to what is built, it gives you a better idea of space, scale, and light in your project.  



Existing Home

Photoshop Exterior II

Taking a look at what could be. This is a rendering set into the current location.

Photoshop Exterior
Render 1
Exterior Render


We focus on Space, Scale, and Light with your contractor in a design/ build fashion.  Each of these are important to the project in their own way.  In order to achieve a good balance in each element, we study the project needs.  Only after we investigate your needs do we suggest ideas.  1+1+1+1=4  Below is an example how investigation leads to solid design.

Floor Plan Investigation
Storage Diagram
Outside Spaces
Existing - Expanding
Exterior  Render



For Drafting Services we have an hourly rate of 18.00$. Please contact us so that we can talk about your need and provide a price that speaks to your need.

3D Rendering


Rendering has several different level of finish.  Please contact us so we can provide a price which speaks to your need.

We work with your contractor to ensure the project has all the needed elements to propel a successful out come.



WADE drafting and design wants to give you great drawings for your contractor at a reasonable price.  Your ideas are important and so is your money.  We work to save both.


Design is everywhere, thanks to the growing availability of design information.  We have all watched HGTV and we all have a PINTREST account. These sources of information help to inspire you.  We want to take that inspiration and get it on paper so you can better refine the idea and move forward in your project.  Let us help you, help yourself.  We are not an Architecture Firm; so you have plenty of input on your original idea along with plenty of savings on drawings to spend on better finishes.  If you need help, of course we have the experience to guide you along your project.  With you, us and a good contractor your project can be a reality.


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Drafting & Design Services